Our Background in Dance

Sports Therapy 4 Dancers was established by Liz Bayley BA (Hons), ADip ST, MFHT who has been a professional dancer for over 10 years.

From Surrey, England, Liz began dancing when she was 3 years old, training mainly in Ballet and Modern Jazz. She has worked in various countries around Europe including France (The Moulin Rouge, Paris), Italy and Portugal. She was the Dance Captain and Production Manager for FJM Productions in the US in 2002. She now dances with Doni Fierro, performing Latin, Ballroom and Show Dance around the world.

As a qualified Sports Therapist, Liz is able to treat all kinds of injuries in addition to chronic aches and pains for the general public.

Liz is one half of Doni & Liz who are a professional show dance team, incorporating Latin, Ballroom, Jazz, Ballet and Adage in their choreography which they have performed the world over. She trained as a classical dancer for 16 years as well as in modern, jazz , contemporary and Ballroom.

As a Doris Girl in the world famous Moulin Rouge, Liz saw many of her co-performers with injuries, as well as being injured herself. She felt there was demand for a therapist who understood a performer's schedule, body and unique lifestyle.

Unlike the general public, or even elite athletes, dancers are unique in their flexibility, all round fitness and training schedule.

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